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This page will be updated with links and information about many different topics on using computers and the Internet.  You can suggest new topics in the comments bellow. (For example: "How do you copy and paste text from the Internet?")

"Keyboard and Cress" from wetwebwork on Flickr. This photos is Creative Commons licensed.  I found this on Wikipedia Commons.   

Computer Basics
Personal Computer.  Can you name all the parts? Go to the Wikipedia Commons page to see the list of parts in English, Español, الْعَرَبيّة, Français, 中文, Türkçe, ქართულად, and other languages.

A complete guide to using a computer, laptop, or mobile device (smart phone, iPad, tablet, etc.). Goodwill Community Foundation ( 
You will find videos, and tutorials explaining
  • how to shop for a computer
  • how to choose an Internet service
  • the parts of the computer
  • computer cleaning and maintenance
  • interactive games for practicing with the mouse and keyboard 
Computer mouse.  Public domain, from Wikipedia Commons.
  • Internet basics
  • email basics
  • using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, LinkedIn, and blogs
  • Google basics, including Google Drive and Google Docs
  • Apple basics (using a Mac computer)
  • Microsoft Office basics, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access  

Blog Basics introduces topics related to blogs:
  • What is a blog?
  • Why do people blog?
  • How can I improve my blog posts?
  • Understanding Copyrights

Learning How to Type
The Goodwill Community Foundation blog has a list of 5 free websites for practicing typing.
Photograph by R. Jason Brunson, U.S. Navy.  This work is in the Public Domain in the United States.  This photo was found in Wikipedia Commons.

Finding Free Content for Projects
Students have shared some amazing projects, using photographs, art, and music. We want to encourage students to use free content in their projects.  If you find something on the Internet (photos, music, videos, text and articles) it is owned by someone or an organization.  Here are some useful websites for finding content (music, images, etc.) that is free to use and display on the blog.

  • Public Domain: Totally free to use, change, and publish.
  • Creative Commons: Creators set rules for how their work can be used.

Public Doman Images and Videos
Anything produced before 1923 is part of the Public Domain.  Basically, content in the Public Domain is owned by the public (everyone), and we can use it however we want to.
"IBM Electronic Data Processing Machine," found on Great Images in NASA. I found this site through the US Government Photos and Images link below. This photo is an example of Public Domain.  

Note: These links were compiled (or collected) by

Creative Commons Images, Videos, and Music
When artists use a Creative Commons Licence, they want their work to be shared, but they set some limits.  You may not be able to alter or change the content.  You will need to credit the creator, and link to site.

Do you want to see tutorials on a specific topic? Write your question in the comments.
Can you make a tutorial on a specific topic? Please comment bellow.

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